In this age of the Internet, cable TV and other media, we are daily inundated with a varied, visual feast. The more choices we are given, the shorter the attention span we offer to each. Our modern day patience is easily tested with ever-increasing advertisements, which slice our films and TV programs into several pieces, each shorter than the last. Thus, we find ourselves “channel hopping” through this visual traffic, only allotting a split second to each channel, deciding from that single frame whether we will stay or turn over.

My work is a representation of this phenomenon. In the continuous strip of images, we twist and turn through what becomes a mélange of different movie styles, whether it be a drama, independent, thriller, arthouse, action, etc. Sometimes the viewed image is definitive of the moment. Other times, it is between moments. But each frame tells a story, whether subtle or obvious. The viewer is left free to invent their own narrative from what they perceive from the image.


— Alexi Lubomirski





Mazdack Rassi introduces the launch of the exhibition at Milk Gallery. 



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