FACE2FACE is a series where Alexi interviews industry insiders in order to give young photographers the same access that he had as an assistant.




Alexi interviews Serge Normant, renowned hair stylist to A-listers like Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Serge reveals how he got started, how he formed his own style, and what continuously inspires his work. 

“You have to leave a little space for things that can happen in your life that nobody can predict… nobody!”


Real estate and fashion entrepreneur, Mazdack Rassi, tells Alexi about his innovative ideas and work for Milk Studios.

“To be called a professional, you have to have years of experience, that you can put a flame out and make a client happy …..”


In this episode, Alexi interviews the lovely (and legendary) Paul Cavaco who he met in his first week of being an assistant and has been lucky enough to work with as a photographer later on in life. Watch as Alexi asks him questions about his career and what advice he gives to young photographers.

 “You have to be honest.  Be true to yourself. Be honest about the picture.  You can look at a picture and know that the photographer felt that picture and that everyone on set felt that picture…”


In this episode, Alexi interviews the president of Next Models, Kyle Hagler. Watch as Alexi asks him questions about how he got started and the ever-changing industry.

 “For me [working at Next Models], it was about expanding the conversation and asserting myself more in terms of defining an aesthetic…taking what I found to be beautiful and presenting that to the world of fashion…and to speak to diversity of image.”



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